About Student Support and Community Standards


In partnership with the faculty, staff, and students at IUP, the Office of Student Support and Community Standards' staff is committed to pursuing the following goals:

  • To educate the university community through the development, dissemination, interpretation, and enforcement of university policies and regulations
  • To hold individuals, students, and recognized student organizations accountable for behaviors and/or actions when policies and regulations are violated
  • To protect the legal rights of students while promoting civility, openness, and justice
  • To teach appropriate individual and organizational behavior while minimizing disruption and harm in the university community
  • To promote a campus environment that fosters intellectual, social, and ethical development of its students
  • To serve as a resource to university constituents in addressing behavioral concerns presented by individual students and recognized student organizations

Fundamental Beliefs

Staff members in the Office of Student Support and Community Standards demonstrate these fundamental beliefs while fulfilling their respective responsibilities:

  • Each student and recognized student organization deserves individual attention, consideration, and respect.
  • Each student and recognized student organization is held accountable to a high standard of behavior in order to positively impact the quality of university life and to promote growth, development, and civility.
  • Each student is a citizen of the Indiana community and is responsible for behavior violations that occur regardless of location (i.e., on campus or off campus).
  • Implementation of due process requirements is essential to the legal, ethical, and fair resolution of student conduct matters.
  • Human dignity and integrity are affirmed through demonstration of respect, compassion, understanding, and appropriate humor.