Professor in human services class

Teach the Next Generation How Society Really Works

High school is often where adolescents form their ideas about the world. As a social sciences teacher with a concentration in sociology, you will be responsible for teaching students about the origins of social groups and history.

With an emphasis on patterns of social organization in modern industrialized societies, you will show them how religious, political, and cultural organizations influence modern culture. In the end, you will give them a perspective of how society really works.

BSEd in Social Science Education: Sociology Concentration

  • Prepare to become a secondary school social studies teacher. Your mastery of sociology and the organization of modern industrialized societies will give you the confidence necessary to guide a classroom of students.
  • Study how and why people do what they do. Some of the courses you may choose to take include Contemporary Social Problems, Sociology of the Family, Delinquency and Youth, Child Abuse, and Sociology of Gender.
  • Through your education classes, you'll study topics such as school law, educational psychology, teaching methods, and the education of students with disabilities.
  • Gain hands-on experience and take part in the extensive student teaching program at IUP.
  • Teach abroad by taking advantage of our international student teaching option, which offers students the chance to spend a half-semester teaching in another country.