Admissions Criteria

The deadline for applications is December 1.

The following criteria are weighted equally in the evaluation of application materials:

  1. Overall grade point average (GPA) and grades in psychology courses (3.0 minimum in both areas is preferred)
  2. Typically, GRE scores are required for the application process; however, this requirement has been waived for this year only due to COVID-19
  3. Training in research methodology
  4. Prior clinical experience in practicum, employment, or volunteer work
  5. The applicant's statement of goals

A bachelor's degree is required for admission. En route to the PsyD, students will earn a master's degree in clinical psychology; however, some applicants choose to first complete an external master's program prior to applying. To apply with a degree in a field other than psychology, you must have completed a minimum of 18 college-level psychology credits, including courses in abnormal psychology, personality, and research/statistics.

Full Disclosure Data

Breadth of undergraduate training is preferable to narrow specialization. Weaknesses in one area may be offset by strengths in another area, although the Admissions Committee gives preference to applicants with some demonstrated strengths in all areas. Students may be required to make up deficiencies.

The deadline for receipt of all application materials is December 1. The Admissions Committee will then select a pool of qualified applicants who will be invited to the campus for personal interviews. Only those applicants invited to campus for an interview and tour will be considered for admission.

Announcements of final admissions decisions will be made around April 1.