Designed to honor one graduating student in the Department of Professional Studies in Education who has demonstrated stellar performance during his/her academic career and student teaching experience.


  • Awarded during the student's year of graduation.
  • A final student teaching grade of "A" must be anticipated at the time of nomination.
  • Nominations may be made by a university professor, university supervisor, or cooperating teacher.
  • Materials that support the nomination are submitted by the deadline and are limited to the contents of one manila file folder.
  • Materials will include, but not be limited to
    • Resume, including QPA.
    • Evidence of effective innovative/creative teaching (Example of meeting this criterion: Lesson plan with a reflection that explains why this lesson plan was selected; students should address all four of Danielson's domains).
    • Evidence of initiative, responsibility, and professionalism (Example of meeting this criterion: Letter of support from university supervisor or cooperating teacher, but not from the same person who made the nomination).
    • Evidence of family/community outreach (Documentation that the student went above and beyond to engage families and involve the community in the instructional activities).

Application Process

Application materials must be delivered and received at 303 Davis Hall by 4:00 p.m. on April 15. Students may pick up their applications from 303 Davis within two weeks of the May commencement ceremony. If not retrieved within that time frame, all materials will be destroyed to preserve student privacy.


  • Assistant chair requests university supervisors' nominations around mid-term.
  • Nominees are contacted and advised of their nomination by the nominator.
  • Application process is explained.
  • Applicants submit documentation by deadline to 303 Davis Hall.
  • Faculty reviews materials.
  • Voting occurs at the April meeting.
  • The award is given by the nominator at the ceremony.

The Excellence in Education Award will be announced at the May department ceremony. Candidates for this award include August and December graduates.