Teacher talking with children

The Department of Professional Studies in Education offers a minor in educational technology. This 18-credit program is designed for students who have an interest in educational technology, regardless of their major.

The educational technology minor is useful for students who see themselves in a future training position in corporate environments, or who wish to work in online environments teaching or tutoring. This minor is a complement for teaching certifications, making candidates potentially more employable because of the in-depth understanding of technology and skills necessary to teach in an online or virtual format.

For students gaining a liberal studies or solid business degree, this minor complements their skill set in marketing, management, or human resources by allowing them a deeper understanding of the programs they would be responsible for in running their businesses. In a world of virtual environments and sales, this background will give students an edge on the ability to attract and keep potential clients on social platforms, and with graphic design manipulation.

The faculty advisor for the minor is Lucinda Willis. To apply for this minor, email the completed application to Professor Willis at willisl@iup.edu.

Required Courses

  • ACE 103 Digital Instructional Technology
  • BTED 412 Methods in Business and Information Technology II
  • IDT 330 Technology in the Classroom.
  • MIDL 321 21st-Century Literacies for Diverse Learners

Two elective courses from this list:

  • COMM 101 Introduction to Communications, Media, and Culture
  • COMM 240 Communications Graphics
  • COMM 249 Basic Audio Recording Techniques
  • COMM 271 Beginning Photography
  • COSC 110 Problem Solving and Structured Programming
  • COSC 210 Object-Oriented and GUI Programming

Note: No more than two classes in a student's core program can be utilized towards credits in a minor.

Total Credits Required: 18