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The Early Childhood-Special Education bachelor of education degree program prepares students to be highly qualified, competent, and effective teachers of all learners from pre-K through grade 4 and of learners in special education pre-K through grade 12.

This program, combining coursework in both early childhood education and special education with extensive field experiences, prepares students to be professional educators who are well qualified to use appropriate techniques and strategies to expand children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Field experiences take place in a variety of settings encompassing diverse learning needs, as well as learners in birth to three classrooms, preschool classrooms, K-1 classrooms, and classrooms in grades 2-4.

Students earn the academic requirements for Pennsylvania certification in both pre-K to grade 4 and special education pre-K to grade 12.

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More information regarding this program may be obtained by contacting its co-coordinators: Sarah Brown ( or Alexandria Kappel (