Certificate in Infant and Toddler Development

Swaddled infant held in father's arms

The 18-credit certificate in infant and toddler development is designed for professionals interested in working with young children between birth and age three. Thanks to remote course options, the certificate can be completed fully online, offering specialized training focused on best practices for supporting young children and their families.

The certificate courses include content and training hours needed for the Child Development Associate credential awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition. It is especially relevant for current early childhood educators or administrators, along with human service professionals such as nurses, social workers, and public health professionals.

Students in the certificate will be eligible for financial aid. For those interested in continuing their professional education, the courses easily map to a two- or four-year degree at IUP, including a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Science.

Certificate Program Courses (18 credits)

In total, the certificate in preschool education requires the completion of 18 classes. Working professionals can complete the certificate fully online by taking the distance education courses marked with an asterisk below.

  • ECED 112 - Child Development: Birth to Age 5*; or
    ECSP 112 - Growth and Development: Typical and Atypical; or
    EDEX 114 - Atypical Development in Infants, Child, and Adolescents*; or
    CDFR 218 - Child Development* (3cr)
  • CDFR 310 - Observation and Assessment* (3cr)
  • CDFR 410 - Infant-Toddler Development* (3cr)
  • CDFR 420 - Infant-Toddler Mental Health* (3cr)
  • CDFR - Elective* (3cr)
  • CDFR - Elective* (3cr)

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the certificate in preschool education will need a completed high school diploma or GED.