Business, Computer, and Information Technology Certification

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    Combine your passion for teaching with your interest in business and technology, and move your career ahead with our business education certification. Enhance your knowledge of pedagogy and current business issues and trends. Expand your use of technology in the learning environment.

    With our 24-credit Business, Computer, and Information Technology (BCIT) certification, you’ll have the credentials to teach business PK-12. You can complete the certification in three semesters—two of coursework and one of student teaching. 

    Get Your Master’s in Education in Just Six More Credits

    By choosing the MEd’s Business Education specialization, it only takes six more credits to earn the MEd with the BCIT certification. Pair the BCIT certification with our Master’s in Education program to expand your scope to teach at community colleges and alternative school environments in the subjects of computer applications, robotics, graphics, and/or programming. Complete your MEd in three semesters of coursework and one semester of student teaching. 


    The classes are taught in a hybrid format, where some of the learning happens at the same time in a class format and some will take place online at a time of your choosing. 

    Course Number Course Name Credits
    MEDU 761-801 Connecting Community and School  3cr 
    MEDU 762-801  Teaching Academically-Diverse Learners  3cr 
    MEDU 764-801  Educational Technology for Today and Tomorrow  3cr 
    MEDU 765-801  Curriculum, Assessment, and Reflection  3cr 
    BTED 511  Methods I in Business and Information Technology
    + observation component included in this class  
    BTED 512  Method II in Business and Information Technology
    + observation component included in this class 
    BTED 695  Professional Seminar*  6cr 

    * The professional seminar is statewide and utilizes both synchronous communication evaluation (Zoom) and face-to-face evaluation.

    How to Apply

    This certificate has rolling admission, so you can apply at any time. Along with your application, you’ll need to submit two letters of recommendation and a personal goal statement. 

    To apply to the program, you’ll need to have completed 12 credit hours (undergraduate or graduate) in a business-related curriculum in the following manner:

    • Three credit hours in business math, finance, accounting, or business statistics
    • Three credit hours in marketing or management,
    • Six credit hours in economics, technology, programming, or information sciences.