Quick Reference Guide: Create a Requistion in SAP

  • Before you begin: check budget availability before attempting to enter a requisition. Requisitions cannot be entered if money is not available. Note: Campus customers should use the Purchasing Card for commodity purchases of $500 or less.

    Note: Reference budget check: ZBUDSTAT_CF
    Use Transaction Code ME51N

    Header Display Icon

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    Header Notes

    Anything entered in this area will not print on the purchase order

    1. Enter any internal notes to the Procurement department or purchasing agent.

    2. Enter new vendor information (vendors that are not entered in SAP). Include as much of the following information as possible: name, contact person, address, phone, fax, e-mail, and website

    Item Overview Display Icon

    1. Account Assignment Cat: (Normally “K” for Cost Center or "G" for Grant)
    2. Item Category (Commodity = leave field blank; Service = D)
    3. Material Group
    4. Short Text (description of Commodity or Service)
    5. Quantity
    6. Unit of Measure (Commodity only – Service leave blank)
    7. Delivery Date
    8. Valuation: Enter unit price (Commodity only – Service leave blank)
    9. Requisitioner (ex: Jane Doe)
    10. Desired Vendor: If the vendor is not in SAP, enter the information in the Header Notes field above.
    11. Do not use the Fixed Vendor field.
    12. Purchasing Group: 400 (Purchasing) – Set as a default
    13. Plant: Number 40 for Indiana University – Set as default
    14. Purchasing Organization: LOCL – Set as a default

    Details Display Icon

    1. Account Assignment Tab: (Determines where transaction will be charged)

      1. Unloading Point: Department – building and room
      2. Recipient: department contact person
      3. G/L Account No.
      4. Cost Center
      5. WBS Element (only if grant)
    2. Texts Tab: Enter additional item information, i.e., mfg. number, specifications.

      Click on the Save Icon 
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    For general reference and status, check the Status Tab and Release Strategy Tab.