Dr. Rose (Goodwin) Lumare IUP ALUMNA EARNED 4.0 in PODIATRY SCHOOL - Dr. Rose (Goodwin) Lumare '08, graduated from Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine with a 4.0 GPA and Salutatorian. Now a second-year Resident Doctor at the veterans hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Lumare said "at IUP you have a full curriculum with passionate professors that allow you to obtain the knowledge foundation needed to advance your education."

The Rewards of Being a Podiatrist Go Beyond Its High-Income Potential

There is great satisfaction in helping someone who suffers pain when walking, or in helping a child with disabilities stand more comfortably. As a natural science pre-podiatry major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll have the advantage of an accelerated, three-year program that is your first step toward becoming a physician that deals exclusively with diseases and disorders of the foot and ankle.

Students in the Pre-Podiatry track gain an outstanding academic preparation for the challenges of studying podiatric medicine. You'll benefit from arrangements IUP has made that permit you to transfer credits from your first year at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia to IUP to meet your senior-year graduation requirements.

At IUP, you'll take classes in the humanities and social sciences and a core of science classes covering biology, chemistry, and physics to prepare you for the challenges of the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine program. If you prefer to finish your bachelor's degree in four years, there are other options and majors at IUP you may want to consider.