Chris Koop, alumnus WORKING IN COMMUNITY, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS - Chris Koop, MBA, earned his BA in political science from IUP in 2010 and now works in community and local government relations for Sunoco Logistics in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan.

Political Science is an Invitation to Analyze and Shape World Events

Your bachelor's degree in political science prepares you for employment in government, business, and numerous domestic and international organizations. Your critical thinking and writing skills will also attract employers in nonprofit associations, political campaigns, and media.


With a BA in Political Science, your job choices may include:

  • Campaign worker
  • Events planner
  • City manager
  • International market researcher
  • Diplomat
  • Executive search consultant
  • Financial planner
  • Intelligence agent
  • Political correspondent (with some journalism training)
  • Foreign service worker
  • Policy analyst
  • Public opinion analyst
  • Politician
  • Political consultant
  • Media specialist (in political settings)
  • Public relations director
  • Human rights advocate
  • Urban policy planner
  • Congressional researcher

Path to Higher Degrees

Rise to the occasion with a graduate degree that expands your job choices and increases your salary potential.

  • MA in Public Affairs
  • MA in Political Science
  • PhD in Political Science
  • PhD in Public Policy
  • Law school