Taylor Jones in India RELIGIOUS STUDIES IN ACTION:   Taylor Jones took a course in Jainism and stayed in Jain temples during a trip to India made possible by the Kipp Seelhorst Memorial Scholarship. Taylor also did an internship with Sunflower Yoga Studio near campus, drawing on her religious studies and dietetics double major.

Understand the phenomenon of religion

The study of religion is not merely a stepping stone to seminary school or leadership in a mosque or temple. All aspects of modern life contain a component of religion. As a student of religion, you bring more than just an understanding of different spiritual paths to your work; you also bring a perspective and critical thinking skills that are much appreciated by organizations around the world.

The breadth and depth of religious studies make this major a superior choice if you are contemplating a double major in areas such as anthropology, fine arts, history, philosophy, or international studies. The cooperation and collision of religious communities throughout the world has shaped nearly every epoch of human existence.

Why religious studies?

Virtually every nation and every profession has been influenced in some way by the phenomenon of religion. For that reason, a whole range of professions not only require but benefit from insights about the multicultural impact of religion.

The world needs religious studies majors

As the media expands our daily connection to global communities, it is imperative that we understand how and why religious cultures make decisions. The alternative is that civilization gains no perspective on the tensions and accommodations that exist between diverse international communities. Your grasp of these complex relationships will help businesses, governments and educational institutions navigate the future.

Expected outcomes with an undergraduate degree in religious studies

Balance, not religious fervor, is one of the valuable byproducts of this curriculum. The nonsectarian, cross-cultural method of learning provides an example of the objective analysis you will need to excel in professional life. The phenomenon of religion in human endeavors may also offer insights into the ways and mores of corporate and institutional success.

  • Intertwine another major with the core values of your Religious Studies degree.
  • Prepare for post-graduate studies that launch your career in academia.
  • Draw fresh perspectives from international events that may benefit a wide range of businesses and institutions.
  • See the phenomenon of religion as a common denominator in the lives of diverse peoples.
  • Learn to use your knowledge about Western, Eastern, and indigenous religions to guide your professional and personal relationships for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The IUP Difference

Advisory excellence. Faculty members understand the profound impact they can have on your life. They give generously of their time so that you make the best use of your time at IUP.

Exclusive studies. IUP offers the only religious studies program in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Practical emphasis. This course of study explores how religion plays out in daily life. By reaching beyond textual theories for practical applications of faith, you better understand how religious cultures shape mores, economies, and personal habits.