Dr. Chandler talks with two students EXPERTISE IN CHINESE BUDDHISM Professor Stuart Chandler is the director of the Asian Studies major and the Critical Languages program. He's translating the memoirs of a Oishi Junkyo, a geisha, artist, and Buddhist nun.

International Field Studies Reveal a Deep Commitment to Education

One member of the Religious Studies faculty spent two years living in a Buddhist monastery. Others have made frequent and extensive field trips to China and England to explore religious traditions. Presentations, research, and publishing credentials round out the collective credentials of this impressive group of educators.

  • Indispensable field experience demonstrates our professors' commitment to sharing the practical necessity of religious studies.
  • Continued exploration of the relationship between global religious traditions and education expand the horizons of your campus experience.
  • Data gathering and direct observation are skills included in the mentoring that professors bring to extracurricular guidance.
  • Deepen your ability to relate to others by working with faculty to understand the expansive nature of religious studies.