English Placement with Portfolio Information

  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have moved the English Placement process online and are using the Essay test for all summer 2020 placement. Since the Portfolio represented an opportunity for students to submit placement material online, we are temporarily halting the portfolio process until we resume in-person orientation in the future.

  • For your English placement, there are three possibilities: English 100, English 101 , and Exemption from English 101. To determine what level best serves your writing ability, we ask that you either write an essay test during Orientation, or submit a portfolio of your work before that time.

    We strongly encourage you to submit a portfolio of your writing because it allows you to better demonstrate your writing ability in a variety of styles. Traditional essay exams written by hand in an hour often do not show your true writing abilities. A writing portfolio, however, allows you to choose your topics, revise your work until you are satisfied with it, and better demonstrate your writing skills.

    Please refer to your Hawks 100 course in your MyIUP for detailed information on preparing and submitting your English portfolio.

    You will need the following materials to submit your portfolio:

    You will need to download the Portfolio Information form (available in PDF format) to submit with your portfolio:

      Carefully read and follow these directions. You may need to revise the pieces somewhat to use them for college placement rather than the class for which they were originally written. If you are working with a teacher to complete your portfolio, be sure to share all instructional materials, including the letter to teachers with them. If your portfolio does not meet the requirements, instructions, or postmark deadline, we will not be able to use it for your English placement. In that case, we will notify you and automatically register you for the placement test during Orientation.

      If you choose not to submit a portfolio, you will take the English placement test during Orientation instead. If you take the on-site essay exam, you will have two placement options: English 100 or English 101.

      If you have any questions about the portfolio program, please feel free to e-mail writing-placement@iup.edu and someone from our team will get back to you. Our team welcomes any questions from students or their supervising teachers concerning portfolios because we want you to submit works that represent you well. We look forward to reading your writing!