Dining on Campus and Food Resources

  • We've been working hard to make sure you are well taken care of, and that includes safely getting your meals and having access to other food sources, if needed.

    IUP Dining Services employs well-trained and experienced personnel who follow health and safety guidelines required by the state during our current national health status.

    Signage throughout our dining locations—on walls, floors, and more—will help you navigate the new lines and promote social distancing. Employees will keep track of how many people are in a facility at any given time to make sure the occupancy level stays low.

    Note: Students in isolation or quarantine should visit the Health and Safety page for food service options.

    Here are the changes you can expect this fall:

    Types of Service

    To promote safety, IUP Dining Services will offer the following types of service this fall:

    • Grubhub: This is mobile ordering to go. Please consider using this before other options. Instructions are on the Dining website.
    • Hand & Go: Employees will handoff quick items for you to take with you.
    • Takeout: Traditional face-to-face order and go.

    Go to the Dining website to see the types of service available at each dining facility.

    For Your Safety

    • Masks are required in all locations.
    • Social distancing is a must.
    • All beverages will be bottled or canned (no fountain drinks).
    • Use of reusable mugs and bottles is suspended.
    • All food will be served on disposable service ware.
    • Condiments will be individual packets.
    • Individually wrapped items will be offered whenever possible.

    Dining Options

    The following facilities will be serving you this fall:

    • North Dining
    • Crimson Café
      • Only Starbucks will be open.
    • Hawk HUB
      • Chick-fil-A
      • Einstein’s
      • Greens to Go
      • Grille Works
      • Pastabilities
    • POD convenience stores (Putt)
    • Folger (Only bagged meals for lunch and dinner)

    For hours of service, types of service, and other information specific to each location, go to the Dining website. Dining locations not listed are currently under review.

    IUP Food Pantry and Help Center

    If you are facing food insecurity, the IUP Food Pantry and Help Center is available by appointment. If you need pantry items, please call 724-357-2220 (8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.) or email iup-foodpantry@iup.edu to make an appointment. Please be prepared to present your I-Card.

    For more information about options available at each location, go to the Dining website. Types of service and hours are subject to change. Dining locations not listed are currently under review.