Certificate in Popular Music Studies

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    Explore Music Analysis, Performance, and Recording

    The Certificate in Popular Music Studies introduces skills in the performance, recording, and marketing of popular music. This 19-credit certificate, a joint program of the Music and Communications Media departments, requires students to take 13 credits of core courses and an additional six credits of electives.

    Completion of the certificate will add popular music credentials for students in communications media, music, and other areas. An audition or portfolio of recorded compositions is required for entrance into the program.

    Certificate in Popular Music Studies1, 19 credits

    Core Courses: 10 credits

    • COMM 249 — Basic Audio Recording Techniques, 3cr
    • COMM 414 — Music, Media, and Culture, 3cr
    • MUSC 114 — Analysis of Popular Music, 3cr
    • MUSC 140 — Popular Music Ensemble2, 1cr

    Electives: 9 credits

    Nine credits from the following:

    • APMU____ Applied Music1, 1–2cr
    • COMM 354 — Media Law and Policy, 3cr
    • COMM 449 — Advanced Audio Recording Techniques, 3cr
    • MUHI 333 — History of Popular Music Since 1945, 3cr
    • MUSC 140 — Popular Music Ensemble2, 1–3cr 

    1Applied music instructors may require certificate participants to demonstrate basic proficiency with voice or a musical instrument. Students may elect up to two semesters of 1cr lessons.

    2Students must register for MUSC 140 Popular Music Ensemble (1cr) at least once. The course may be repeated up to three times for a total of four credits.

    Strengthen Your Skills and Musical Expertise

    Popular music forms the fabric of many people's lives, leading millions to pursue making music as a career or a hobby.

    Students in Music Education, Music Performance, Communications Media, Business, and other majors can benefit from adding this certificate to their credentials.

    A music student who performs primarily classical music or jazz can add skills in popular music to his or her portfolio. Communications Media majors can add extra musical competencies to broaden their knowledge of audio recording or video production. Post-baccalaureate students can open new areas of creative or professional activity by returning to earn the certificate.

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