Dr. Ferguson with Music Education students BRING OUT THE MUSIC IN YOU:  You'll find professors, such as Professor Laura Ferguson (above), will get to know what you can do and inspire you to go even further.

Meet your professors: Passionate, committed, and talented

The Music Department at IUP offers a faculty of more than 25 professors. They are all scholars and active musicians, who perform on the national and international stage. Unlike many other schools with adjunct professors who come in only on days when they teach, our individual instrument professors are on campus full time, interacting with their students, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

We have professors who specialize in brass, keyboard, percussion, strings, voice, and woodwinds. We have nationally and internationally recognized ensemble directors and composers. And we have scholars who bring a wealth of knowledge to lead you through music education, history, theory, and composition.

But most importantly, our faculty is dedicated to teaching and mentoring their students. All music majors are advised by a faculty member in their performance area. See the full list of our professors and directors using the faculty directory.

Dr. Young teaches music students