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The mission of the IUP Department of Music is the professional preparation of music students as teachers, performers, composers, and scholars at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We are committed to providing the highest level of creative, intellectual, and cultural experiences through curricular offerings, recitals, concerts, productions, and workshops for both the student body and the university community. The Department of Music recognizes its responsibility to serve a local and global community, to promote diversity/multiculturalism, as well as embrace and encourage lifelong advocacy for the musical arts.

IUP Civility Statement

As a university of different peoples and perspectives, IUP aspires to promote the growth of all people in their academic, professional, social, and personal lives. Students, faculty, and staff join together to create a community where people exchange ideas, listen to one another with consideration and respect, and are committed to fostering civility through university structures, policies, and procedures. We, as members of the university, strive to achieve the following individual commitments:

  • To strengthen the university for academic success, I will act honestly, take responsibility for my behavior and continuous learning, and respect the freedom of others to express their views.
  • To foster an environment for personal growth, I will honor and take care of my body, mind, and character. I will be helpful to others and respect their rights. I will discourage intolerance, hatred, and injustice, and promote constructive resolution of conflict.
  • To contribute to the future, I will strive for the betterment of the community, myself, my university, the nation, and the world.

Copyright Policy

The Department of Music encourages students to adhere to US Copyright laws. Here are basic facts every musician should know about copyright law(provided by legalzoom.com).


IUP provides email services to all students and employees as an official form of university communication. Students maintain the responsibility to regularly read their IUP email account and, if electronically responding to or sending email regarding official IUP matters, use their IUP email account to do so. Information officially communicated to students through their IUP email accounts includes billing invoices and information addressing academic, student conduct, student safety, and emergency matters. Students are expected to regularly use their IUP email account and should check it daily.

Faculty and Staff Directory

A full listing of IUP Department of Music faculty may be found on the Faculty and Staff Directory.

Area Chairs

Brass - Zach Collins

Keyboard - Henry Wong Doe

Music Education - Laura Ferguson

Music History - Matthew Baumer

Percussion - Michael Kingan

Strings - Linda Jennings

Theory and Composition - John Levey

Vocal Arts - Joeseph Baunoch

Woodwinds - Rosemary Engelstad

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students who wish to receive state and federal student aid should complete the FAFSA form. FAFSA forms are available beginning October 1 for the following academic year. A list of scholarships available to IUP music students can be found on the Department of Music Giving Opportunities page. IUP's policies for financial aid can be found on the Financial Aid website. More information about financial aid may be found on the Federal Student Aid website.

Social Media

Follow the IUP Department of Music on the following social media:






Students may use Office 365 software for free through IUP. IT Services also provides other software for free or at reduced prices. Visit the IT Services Software page to find full information.

Student Conduct

An extensive index of IUP's policies and student behavior expectations can be found at the Source.

Student Health and Safety Resources

University Police- 724-357-2141

IUP Police Emergency Plan

Crisis Intervention 24/7 Hotline: 1-877-333-2470

IUP Counseling Center - 724-357-2621

Center for Health and Well-Being - 724-357-9355

Office of Social Equity

Hearing Health Information for Students (from nasm.arts-accredit.org)

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Information for Students (from nasm.arts-accredit.org)

Vocal Health Information for Students (from nasm.arts-accredit.org)

Technology Support

IT Services provides guides on how to access technology on campus as well as how to receive hardware support.