A reminder that all clearancesAct 34, Act 151, and Act 114 (the FBI Fingerprinting)must be taken care of in order to teach in the String Project.

For those of you new to the String Project, you will need to complete all three. For those returning teachers, you will need to update the Act 34 and Act 151 clearances. These clearances are required by IUP to teach in the String Project.

For Act 34 and Act 151, you can access the forms online. Both of these require a $10 certified check or money order (no personal checks). You can find all of this information, including information about the three clearances, on the IUP website under Teacher Education Forms and Documents.

Act 34, Criminal record check: Send in by mail with certified check/money order, or do online with credit card.

Act 151, Child abuse clearances: Send in by mail with certified check/money order.

Act 114, FBI Fingerprinting Clearance. The good news for the FBI fingerprinting is that it is good for as long as you are in the Teacher Education program. So, this should last you through your student teaching in future years. For this, you need a $36 certified check or money order.

You can access this information from the Teacher Education Forms and Documents page under "Current IUP Students."

When registering online, you need to click on the "Department of Education or DPE" icon. From here, you can register onlinejust follow the directions. You will need to register online and then go to a location for the actual fingerprinting. This does take some time and planning, so make sure to plan ahead.

If you have questions about these forms, contact the IUP College of Education. Staff members have lots of experience with these clearances and are the best people to help you through the process.

Please take care of the Act 34, 151, and 114 clearances before school starts.