String Project

Teacher-Training Program for IUP Music Students

The IUP String Project offers IUP music students a comprehensive teacher-training program in which to develop, explore, and hone teaching skills for beginning to advanced student levels.

This unique program provides hands-on practical experience teaching one-on-one lessons, as well as teaching groups in a classroom setting and conducting a string orchestra.

In addition, IUP music students gain invaluable experience through participation in string pedagogy classes and other educational opportunities such as development and presentation of recruiting programs and curriculum development and assessment.

All teachers are supervised by IUP string faculty.

String Program for Young Musicians

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania String Project curriculum consists of weekly private lessons and group lessons scheduled at different times throughout the year. Lessons are 30 minutes to one hour in length, depending upon the age and advancement of each student.

Optional group classes are designed to reinforce concepts and techniques learned in private lessons as well as develop other musical skills, such as ensemble playing, leadership skills, etc.

At the end of each semester, students have the opportunity to perform solo and ensemble pieces during recitals.

Lessons, group classes, and recitals take place on the IUP campus and are taught by IUP music students. The IUP String Project is designed to support the string programs in the public schools. Therefore, all students enrolled in the IUP String Project must also be enrolled in their school orchestra program, if one is available.

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