• IUP will migrate our traditional landline telephone system to a more modern, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system beginning this fall. In order to adapt to university operations in the least disruptive and most cost effective manner possible, the current plan calls for migrating to VoIP in stages during the 2018–19, 2019–20, and 2020–21 academic years.

    Two of the largest benefits of VoIP are the potential cost savings for long distance (both domestic and international) and the fact that voice mail is included with each line of service.

    While the current Centrex system requires specialized layered office phone system for each complex multi-phone need, VoIP can often address these needs without any additional expense.

    Over the next several months, IT Services personnel will be contacting each office/department to gather current and future needs of the telephone service.

    Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

  • Available features for Centrex and VOIP phone system
    Feature Centrex  VOIP 
    Local calling/optional long distance X X
    Caller ID X X
    3-way conference calling  X X
    10-way conference calling 
    Speed dialing
    Call hold 
    Anonymous call rejection 
    Blocking your phone number display
    Call forward
    Voicemail optional 
    Voicemail included 
    Voicemail only (no phone needed) 
    Do not disturb
  • IUP VOIP Schedule by Building