Verizon Voicemail

  • The Verizon voicemail offering is intended for a wide and diverse clientele. At various times during the setup and ongoing use of the product, Verizon may tell you to call a toll-free telephone number for assistance. IUP users are supported locally and should call the IT Support Center. If you have questions or problems, please do not call Verizon. Report your problems or questions to the IT Support Center at 7-4000.

    Entering Verizon Voicemail:

    • From an IUP Centrex telephone number:
      • Dial the Verizon voicemail access telephone number, i.e. 9-1-877-584-9321.
      • Enter your pass code.
      • Proceed.
    • From a telephone number that is not an IUP Centrex telephone number:
      • Dial the Verizon voicemail access telephone number, i.e. 877-584-9321.
      • Press * (star).
      • Enter the 10-digit telephone number associated with your Verizon voicemail, i.e. 724357xxxx.
      • Enter your pass code.
      • Proceed.

    Entering Verizon Voicemail for the First Time:

    This procedure assumes you are accessing the system from an IUP Centrex telephone number.

    • Dial the Verizon voicemail access telephone number, i.e. 9-1-877-584-9321.
    • At this point, the voicemail system will recognize that this is the first time you’ve used the system and will guide you through the following steps:
      • Enter your temporary pass code (the last four digits of your phone number). If you do not know this pass code, then call the IT Support Center.
      • Create a new personal pass code of your choosing.
      • Record your greeting or choose to use the standard default.
      • Record your personal name (Note: If this is a departmental voicemail, it is better to record the department name rather than your own name).
      • Continue to follow the script provided by Verizon to complete the setup.
      • Skip any step requesting information that seems obscure or unnecessary.
    • Call the IT Support Center if you have questions or concerns.

    Checking Your Voicemail Messages:

    • Enter the Verizon voicemail system at 9-1-877-584-9321.
    • From the main menu, press 1 to access the Message Menu.
    • Use the following options:
      • Repeat the message – press 1
      • Save the message – press 2
      • Delete the message – press 3
      • Additional choices are available; listen to the prompts for details

    Greeting: Select 3 at Main Menu

    There are several types of greetings available in NUMS. The titles are somewhat confusing, so you can choose any (1, 2, or 3) and record whatever message you would like. You can also choose the default message, for which you will need to record your name (option 4). In order to create a “busy” greeting, select 6.

    Mailbox Options: Select 4 at Main Menu

    If you would like to change your PIN, select 1.

    Note: Your Verizon voicemail pass code must be 4 to 10 digits in length. You may change your pass code at any time and as often as you wish.

    You can toggle message headers on and off by selecting 3. These headers include information about who sent the message and when. If headers are toggled off, you can still access them by pressing 8 at the Message Menu.

    Copyright Disclaimer:

    The above information was adapted from information published by Verizon either in print form or electronically. This work is intended to provide documentation focused on the use of Verizon’s National Unified Message Service (NUMS) product by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) community. It is acknowledged that all material presented herein is derived from, or directly copied from, a document or Web-published statement originated by Verizon.