Test Scoring Forms are used for the processing of exams administered by faculty and scanned at the IT Support Center.

When you are ready to turn in your exams for scoring, be sure to complete all the forms needed for the IT Support Center to process the request. Complete the Test Scoring Request Form and the Test Header form. You will also have your Answer Key and your students' Answer Sheets. The Answer Key and Answer Sheet are both the General Purpose Answer Sheets (GPAS) as described below.

Arrange the completed forms and sheets in the envelope in the following order:

  1. Test Scoring Request Form
  2. Test header sheet
  3. Answer key sheet(s) - Complete a GPAS for each answer key
  4. General Purpose Answer Sheets 

Place them in the envelope and securely seal the flap. The envelope can then be taken to the IT Support Center.

Forms Required for Each Set of Exams:

Test Scoring Request Form

This form provides information necessary to process the exams. It should be stapled to the outside of the envelope.

General Purpose Answer Sheet (Central Stores Item #14464)

This form is used by students to provide their responses to the exam questions and also by the faculty member to create an answer key. The ID # is used to order the form from Central Stores.

The general purpose answer sheet (GPAS) is the sheet students use to record their answers to the test questions. Instructors will need to tell the students how to fill out the header area.

The answer sheet should be completed as follows:

  • Last Name, FI, MI: Each student will bubble in their last name and first initial in order to identify their exam. The information in these bubbles will be printed on the reports. An IUP computer account username can also be used to identify the student's test.
  • Student ID: Each student may bubble in the identification number to identify each exam. Please note that no two students can have the same ID number on a GPAS.
  • Seat Number: This section should be bubbled in if the exam has multiple versions to identify each version's answer key. See How to Submit an Exam with Multiple Versions. If you are not using multiple versions, this can be left blank.
Explain the Following Guidelines to the Students
  • Use only a No. 2 pencil.
  • Fill the circle completely.
  • Erase thoroughly any answer to be changed.
  • Make no other stray marks on the answer sheet.

Test Header Sheet (Central Stores Item #14465)

This form is used to collect basic information about the exam, the requester, and the course. The ID # is used to order the form from Central Stores.

One test header sheet is required for each set of exams for processing. Information on this sheet identifies each set of exams.

The following data should be completed by faculty:

  • Subject Course Section: This section is the only required section to complete. Starting in the leftmost column, darken the bubbles representing the Subject, Course Number, and Section number for the course. Make sure to darken the blank bubble between each value.
  • Instructor's Last Name and First Name: Please bubble in this section if you would like to have your name shown at the top of each report. Please note that this is not required information.

Answer Key - use General Purpose Answer Sheet

The answer key is a General Purpose Answer Sheet that contains the correct responses to the questions on the test or sub-test. A minimum of one answer key is required for each exam to be scored. You will only need to provide multiple answer keys if you are scoring an exam with multiple versions.

The following data should be completed by faculty:

  • Last Name Section: Bubble in this section with something that will differentiate the answer key from the rest of the students’ general purpose answer sheets.
  • Student ID Number Section: Bubble in the first column with the number 1, skip a space, and bubble in the next column(s) with the total number of questions on the exam.

If you have multiple versions of an exam, you will use the Seat Number grid to link the students' exams to the appropriate answer key. See How to Submit an Exam with Multiple Versions for additional information.

Do not make any stray marks outside of boxed sections.

Bubble in the correct responses. There are three options available when filling in the correct answers:

Options when filling out Response
Type of Response Explanation
Single Response One bubble filled in which is the only correct answer to the question. Any other answer or a blank is considered incorrect
Multiple Responses Each possible answer should be bubbled in.
No Responses All bubbles left blank for the question. This question will be omitted from the test and not be used in scoring.


Use a plain white envelope to package all of the testing forms with the Test Scoring Request Form stapled to the outside of it when delivered to the IT Support Center. Staff at the IT Support Center will log an ihelp ticket for the Test Scoring request for tracking purposes.