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Classification review process

Positions will be reviewed if management, an employee, Human Resources, or the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) believe there have been substantial changes in a position's permanent job content, not including quality of work, length of service, volume of work, or dependability.

Once it is warranted that a substantial change in the position's responsibilities has occurred:

  1. The requester must submit the following documents to the Employment Services manager:
    1. A completed Classification Review Request form.
    2. A completed AFSCME Duties List, defining the new responsibilities being performed.
    3. An updated department organizational chart.
  2. After reviewing the submitted documents, the Employment Services manager determines if the job content has substantially changed and is eligible for a full review, which includes:
    1. A meeting with the employee to discuss the new duties and job description.
    2. Follow-up discussions with the immediate supervisor, as needed.
    3. A review of the class specifications and any other supporting documentation.
  3. Findings are submitted to the employee's division vice president for review and input.
    1. The vice president has the ability to redirect the responsibilities of the reviewed position, particularly work which may warrant upward reclassification, to be distributed differently within the department, involving other positions within the department.
    2. Should the vice president agree with the job description and preliminary classification determination, he/she will notify the Employment Services manager to proceed with the formal classification of the position and subsequent personnel actions, if any are required.
  4. If a reclassification is in order, Human Resources will make the appropriate changes effective the same date forms were submitted to the Employment Services manager.

Factors that DO count in classification decisions

  • Nature and variety of work
  • Complexity of work
  • Supervision/guidance received
  • Supervision/guidance exercised to others
  • Guidelines available
  • Originality
  • Nature and finality of decisions
  • Public contact
  • Knowledge/Skills/Abilities needed to perform the duties

Factors that DO NOT count in classification decisions

  • Length of service
  • Quality of performance
  • Pay scale location
  • Financial need
  • Loyalty to university and/or department
  • Personal qualifications and/or experience
  • Volume of work
  • Dependability

Classification Appeal Process

  1. The employee or the union may submit a written appeal to the Office of Administration, Classification and Pay Division, within 15 working days after the Employer's Step 1 response is due.
  2. The Office of Administration will then have 45 working days to respond in writing to the grievance appeal at this level.
  3. The union, in response to an unfavorable decision at Step 2, may submit classification appeals to an arbitration panel within 45 working days after the Office of Administration's response is due.
  4. The findings of the panel shall be submitted to the parties within 30 days after the hearing or receipt of transcript when taken.

Additional information can be found in Article 27 of the AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Please also review our Classification FAQ.

How do I report someone working out of class?

An employee is "working out of class" when he/she is temporarily charged to perform duties of a higher rated position/classification within the same bargaining unit, which are separate and distinct from the employee's own position/classification for a period set forth in the employee's bargaining unit. The higher rated position/classification may have been vacated due to illness, retirement, resignation, promotion, or organizational changes.

  1. Supervisor completes an AskHR form to request a "working out of class" assignment. Please choose "Working out of class" for the field What is your question about?
  2. An HR representative will contact the supervisor to review the process and gather further details.