Honors College Student Organizations

  • Honors college students at activities dayHonors Connection

    Our student group’s mission is to help build a sense of community, have fun, and to make a difference, both in Whitmyre and the surrounding Indiana community.

    Whether it’s flipping 300 pancakes to provide a midnight snack for freshmen with a thesis paper due the next day, creating holiday gift bags for senior citizens, or planning CHC Freshman Orientation, we can use your talents and energy. Can you cook, sing, organize, scoop ice cream, or make a great poster? Honors Connection needs motivated, creative, and persistent students who love to work with people and plan events for their peers.

    Events like Fall Orientation, the Winter Ball, Open House Gingerbread Houses, and Midnight Pancakes are HC legends, but members are encouraged to try new ideas and create new traditions.

    Look for Honors Connections announcements in the Whitmyre Weekly this fall, or contact Vicky Nalbone at V.L.Nalbone@iup.edu for more information.

    TOST and Turned

    TOST stands for temperantia operis scholae theatrique (Latin for the perfect mix of work, school, and theater). HC students founded TOST in 2002.

    We are an entirely independent student theater company that sprung from HC students’ love of theater, combined with their desire to perform community service. Some of us are theater majors, but most are not. Together we choose (and sometimes write) plays, then produce, direct, and perform them. The profits from all performances are donated to the Indiana Free Library.
    Link to IUP Magazine article

    Bella Voce

    Honors College students from all majors who love to sing founded Bella Voce. We plan and rehearse, then perform as community service, usually for senior citizens. Sometimes we sing for HC or IUP events.

    Honors College Ambassadors

    We came here because we loved the idea of the HC. That’s why we are eager to share our experiences here with prospective students and other visitors.

    Our activities include going back to our high schools during a vacation break to talk about the HC with teachers, guidance counselors, and/or students. We help however we can when prospective students come to Whitmyre, including serving as hosts for overnight visits.