Study Abroad and Internships

  • “One of the things we do is to help young people to raise their sights, to aim higher, and to achieve the very best that is in them.  Our job is not to tell the student how to plan his or her life.  Our job is to provide the tools to allow the students to transform the way they reason, think, and react to intellectual stimuli. Part of that experience is to extend your personal horizons beyond what you have known.  We encourage our students to travel and study in other countries and to intern with top companies and in the public service sector.  My reward will be to see these young people become more productive, more vital, and more involved in the greater good of our society than would have been possible without the Honors College.”
    —Robert E. Cook

    Matt Genchur Geography MajorThe Cook Honors College professors and staff take time to learn our desires and dreams and coax us to dream bigger. They help us see the possibilities, then develop a four-year plan to reach our goals. Instead of seeing a sign on some bulletin board about a possible internship or program, people here will be sending you e-mails about a special opportunity that looks right for you.  Most of us would never have ventured out this far had it not been for the support and gentle nudging of our mentors.

    This is a very supportive environment for reaching high. Students in our community aren’t cutthroat competitors eyeing each other’s grade or scholarship application. We support each other and celebrate each other’s successes. And that translates into everyone from professors to classmates helping to ensure that you graduate with the best possible education and credentials so you can do what you want to do in life.

    The Honors College encourages internships, study abroad, employment related to our majors, volunteer work in our fields to give us experience, opportunities to attend and present papers at conferences, and openings to publish our work. We're encouraged to apply for door-opening scholarships like the Truman, Marshall, Fulbright, or Rhodes. Students can even apply for support from the Honors College Achievement Fund when an opportunity turns out to be too expensive for the family budget. We get opportunities that many undergraduate students do not. Think about it. How many of your friends in college ever talk about presenting papers at national conferences?

    We want you to get a feel for what students have been able to do, so we've provided a number of ways for you to discover that on the following pages. If you want to see lists of graduate programs our alumni have attended, the number of national scholarships we've received, or who employs our alumni, look to the right of this page. For general stories about how the Honors College encourages achievement, check out the “student conversation” link on the right.

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