Honors in the Senior Year

  • SkeletonSeniors conclude their interdisciplinary honors experience with a senior synthesis course. In order to meet the demands of senior schedules, these are discrete courses which meet at different times of day.

    Students choose one interdisciplinary topic for the entire semester.

    All honors senior synthesis courses seek to answer: “What are the obligations of the educated citizen? What, therefore, should we do?”

    There is a great deal of variety in the way this course is approached. A literature and a music professor team taught a course taught in Austria on “Fin de Siecle Vienna.” Most recently, an English professor and a History professor team taught a course on Turkey and Cyprus that culminated in a five-week trip to those two countries to examine cultures ancient and modern. A Philosophy professor is teaching a course on time and imagination. An English professor teaches a synthesis course focused on Gothic horror fiction.

    You might also be finishing up a culminating project or an undergraduate thesis during your senior year. These represent original research of an undergraduate and are an excellent way for either future graduate schools or employers to see your work.