Conferences and Publications

  • So you think presenting at national and regional conferences and publishing papers in prestigious journals is only for graduate students? Not here. Our undergraduate students receive amazing opportunities.

    Larry Skillin

    This is primarily an undergraduate institution, so the faculty is focusing on you. That means that undergraduates are invited or able to do things that are usually reserved for graduate students at many other universities. Professors will be inviting you to work with them on research projects and to co-author papers. You get a shot at helping to run a lab. If you want a part in a play or a spot in the jazz band, that is possible since there aren't graduate students competing with you for those plums.

    Here are a few examples to whet your appetite: Brian Ziman was part of a faculty team that delivered a paper at a national physics conference—he was the only undergraduate on the program, and junior Stephanie West was the only undergraduate who presented at an international conference of criminologists in Spain. Want to see more? Check out the recent conferences page, which will give you a taste of what our undergraduates are doing.

  • Perspectives
    Former students discuss opportunities afforded to them by the CHC.
    Selected Conferences Attended
    Here are a few of the conferences that our students attended and presented at.