Where Will I Go From Here?

  • Honors college student at commencementAt Fall orientation, one of the students asked Dr. Goebel what her vision was for us, what she wanted to happen. Her answer is worth sharing because she has a way of realizing her vision:

    “I want every one of you to think about your wildest dreams for your future, to really acknowledge them. Then I want to increase your confidence to the point that those dreams become goals. And with the right experiences and hard work, they become attainable ambitions... Life is too short not to try for the big dream. Imagine spending the rest of your life wondering if you could have done it. Take the risk to do what you love.

    “So what if there aren’t many jobs in that field? If you are the best, you will get the job. And markets change every few years. If you fail, you can go to Plan B knowing that you tried. But put everything you’ve got into what you really want.”

    Our class of 2000 alumnus Dave Reed is a good example of following one’s dream against all odds. In 2002, he was elected to the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives—the youngest representative ever.

    Sometimes students ask us about the chances of someone graduating from our school going to a top graduate or law school. Do they get into medical school? Do they get jobs? Do they win prestigious awards?

    The answer is complicated and simple at the same time. Yes, but they don’t do it simply because they graduated from our school. It’s “yes” because of what they do while they are here.

    All but one of our students who applied to medical school was admitted. Two of them attended medical school on scholarship. All of our students who applied to law school were admitted to good schools, sometimes with large scholarships. All of our students who applied to graduate school have been admitted, and, of those, only one did not have a full scholarship. These admissions include top places in various fields, including such easily recognizable universities as NYU, Princeton, Cambridge, Northwestern, Harvard, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Berkeley, Hartford School of Music, and Georgetown.

    Almost every year thus far one of our students has won a Fulbright—one year, two of them won. We have Goldwater and Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship winners, as well as Truman, Marshall, and Rhodes finalists.

    We celebrate their achievements. More importantly, we celebrate their courage to hold lofty aspirations for their careers and for the contributions they will make to the world.

    No matter what our graduates choose to do with their lives, we know they are well prepared to think, to analyze all the new information that they will encounter for the rest of their lives, to communicate, and to work as a team member to solve problems.