Building Rules

  • Living and Learning in Whitmyre

    Student sitting on the bookshelf ledgeThe Faculty/student spaces in Whitmyre include areas on the first floor and the basement, which are for the use of the entire community. Those Honors College students who no longer live in Whitmyre Hall also have access to these spaces.

    There is one major principle for use of community space: be considerate of other members of the community as well as the building itself. It’s your home.

    Iterations that follow from that principle:

    • The Great Hall is the place where much out-of-class learning happens. We encourage you to spend some time in the Great Hall and to introduce yourselves to each other. If a group needs to use the Great Hall for a project or rehearsal, please relocate or move to the back of the room to study quietly. Group needs trump individual preferences in the Great Hall. Large groups may watch films in the Great Hall, while small groups are requested to use the fine arts classroom. If you need to reserve a room for a meeting or study session, please do so with Ms. Lisa Halmes, our administrative assistant.
    • People who are not Whitmyre residents or HC students are “guests.” If you are hosting a guest, you are required by residence hall policy to be with that person constantly and to be responsible for his/her behavior. This is one of two reasons why you should not bring a non-HC group to Whitmyre for meetings, rehearsals, or events. The other is that our spaces are limited and already being heavily used by 350 HC students. Please schedule your Finno-Ugric Club’s Magyar Spelling Bee in the library, the HUB, or elsewhere on campus.
    • Don’t sit on the countertops in the Great Hall, as they are not structurally designed to handle the weight. And please protect the leather furniture by not sitting there with a ballpoint pen or sharp objects. Putting your shoes on the upholstery is not okay.
    • Don’t sit on the arms of the couches or chairs. (If you can’t figure out why this is a bad idea, ask your mom.)
    • Our furniture is old and it can’t be replaced. Please don’t rock on the chairs or climb on the tables. It goes without saying that carving “I love Alex” in the table top is not appropriate.
    • Don’t sleep on the couch in the Klimt Lounge. It discourages other students from using the entire room.
    • If you have a message for the rest of the HC, e-mail it to Kevin, who will put in the “Wednesday Edition” announcements. Our living space is not a bulletin board. If you hang signs in it, they will be removed. (Tears in the wallpaper make the staff cry).
    • The pool salon in the basement has very nice balls and cues. We thought about requiring check-out for those, but decided that would limit hours when you could play. So we installed a camera focused on the cue and ball rack. When you leave, make sure they appear on the film.
    • Clean up after yourself, especially in the kitchen. Label any food you put in the refrigerator with your name and date.
    • Put your cigarette butts in the butt holders, not in the flower beds or on the steps/sidewalks. Last year, four hedges died from nicotine poisoning—it’s an herbicide. Dr. Goebel and Lisa have to pick up these butts by hand, which is a disgusting thing for anyone to have to do because a student can’t walk a few steps to an ashtray or trash can.
    • Don’t chain your bike to the tree. It strips the bark and weakens the tree.