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  • Judy with ButterfliesAt this point, you’ve probably read a lot about us. But, you might ask, what makes us totally distinct from other schools? What distinguishes us from honors programs at so many other schools? College is about more than just getting a degree, more than just a job, more than graduate or professional school waiting for you at the end of four years. Our idea of a true education is interactive learning and personal growth and the experience of living in a community of scholars. It’s about what happens to the whole of you during the next four years of your life.

    Here, you get the best of both worlds: all the choices of study and the opportunities of a mid-size university with the personal attention and concern for teaching of a small college. You won’t have to worry about being a social security number taught by graduate students in freshman classes of two hundred or more students. At the same time, you can still study a wide variety of majors with the specialized class, facilities, and technology for which larger universities are known. You’ll make close friends in the intimate environment of Whitmyre Hall, yet have the advantage of a mid-sized university smorgasbord of athletic and specialized extracurricular activities and facilities.

    Our curriculum features real honors classes populated by other honors students and designed for interactive learning. Doing the equivalent of “extra credit” in an otherwise regular class does not pass for an honors education here.

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