Geography and Regional Planning Faculty at a conference PROFESSORS RESPECTED IN THE FIELD Your professors are active in professional networks and keep in touch with alumni, which opens up opportunities for students. Attending the 2014 annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Geographical Society (PGS), which was held in State College, Pennsylvania, are faculty members Rachel Applebaum, John Benhart, Donald Buckwalter, Brian Okey, emeritus faculty Bob Begg, Sudeshna Ghosh, Chris Schaney, Zhongwei Liu, and visiting professor Shao-wei Ai.

Bringing Real-World Experience, Scholarship, and Achievement to the Classroom

The Geography, Geology, Environment, and Planning Department is made up of professors who have earned their doctorates from highly respected universities. They bring a broad range of experience and expertise, always challenging and encouraging students to get truly involved in their work. They strive to know their students well and endeavor to create a family-type atmosphere within the department.

  • Our professors' first priority is teaching. While they consult with organizations in the public and private sectors, and/or conduct research and publish papers and books with leading academic presses and journals, their primary focus is on teaching their students.
  • All geography and regional planning students work with an advisor from the geography faculty and all planning students work with an advisor from the regional planning faculty.
  • Our professors work with students to connect them with internship opportunities most suited to their career paths.