Course Requirements: Film Studies, English, BA

  • The Film Studies Track enables students to design a course of study in the history, meaning, function, and aesthetics of films of all genres and countries of origin.

    A student who completes the Film Studies Track will be able to recognize major developments in the history of film; apply the analytical skills and methods best suited to comprehend the significance and aesthetics of films; analyze the ways visual imagery interacts with audience, culture, medium, and ideology; and recognize and analyze the ways in which films communicate ideas about race, gender, sexual orientation, and identity. The Film Studies Track prepares students for any profession that requires strong analytic, cultural, and aesthetic skills and for academic study in cultural studies.

    Track Courses: 15 credits

    •  ENGL 208 Introduction to Film Studies 

    Four courses chosen from the following:

    • ENGL 332 Film Genres
    • ENGL 350 Gender and Sexual Orientation in Literature, Theory, and Film
    • ENGL 440 Major Figures in Film
    • ENGL 450 Film Theory
    • ENGL 460 Topics in Film
    • ENGL 463 Topics in Global Literature and Film