Tanya HeflinProfessor of English

Office: 506-Z Leonard Hall 
Email: heflin@iup.edu


PhD in English (Literature), University of Southern California, 2009.
Dissertation: Those Secret Exhibitionists: Women’s Diary at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

MA in English (Literature), Arizona State University, 1999.

Dual-BA in Psychology and English, Arizona State University, 1991.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Professor of English (current)
Dean’s Associate, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, 2016-2019
Assistant Chair, Department of English, 2014-2016
Associate/Assistant Professor, Doctoral Program in Literature & Criticism, 2012-2021

Academic Interests

Women’s literature; feminist, queer, and gender theories; life-writing and archival research; narrative psychology; fairy tale and fantastic literature; US literature; indigenous literature; creative writing.

Courses Taught 

ENGL 983: Seminar in American Literature: New Historicism & the Archive in the Progressive Era
ENGL 983: Seminar in American Literature: ‘Song of Myself’: The Autobiographical Impulse
ENGL 983: Seminar in American Literature: Activism in the Americas, 1848 to the Present
ENGL 983: Seminar in American Literature: Hidden Voices: Suppressed and Recovered Texts
ENGL 956: Literary Theory for the Teacher and Scholarly Writer
ENGL 872/772: Topics in Women's Literature: Feminist Speculative Futures (Spring 2024)
ENGL 872/772: Topics in Women's Literature: The Political and the Unconscious
ENGL 872/772: Topics in Women's Literature: Mystery and Manners: Fairy Tale, and the Uncanny
ENGL 871/771: Topics in Postmodern Literature: Po-Mo Puzzles: Short Fiction & Multimedia
ENGL 871/771: Topics in Postmodern Literature: Fake News & Metafiction
ENGL 871/771: Topics in Postmodern Literature: Alternate Postmodern: Paradox & Pastiche
ENGL 860/760: Teaching College Literature
ENGL 853/753: Literature as a Profession
ENGL 344: Ethnic American Literature: Indigenous Nations of North America
ENGL 340: The Novel: Banned Books and Dangerous Fictions
ENGL 225: Introduction to Women’s Literature
ENGL 202: Composition II: Research Writing
ENGL 121: Humanities Literature
ENGL 103: Accelerated Writing and Composition
ENGL 101: Composition I
ENGL 100: Basic Writing
WGS 200: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies: The Personal is Political

Selected Scholarship

“Hidden Voices, Social Reform, and Resilience in Ten Days in a Madhouse by Nellie Bly.” Panel: Voices from the Asylum, organized by Paula Kot for the Northeast Modern Language Association annual conference. Niagara Falls, NY, March 2023.

“Mystery Magic, and Enchantment: The Uses of Fairy Tale in Teaching Women’s Literature.” Fairy Tales in the Classroom, edited by Heather Powers. McFarland & Company, forthcoming 2023.

“Banned Books and Dangerous Fictions:  Co-Creating an Annual Banned Books Read Out.” Book Chapter in Library Service and Learning: Empowering Students, Inspiring Social Responsibility, and Building Community Connections. Edited by Theresa McDevitt and Caleb P. Finegan. Association of College and Research Libraries Press, 2018.

“‘Some Job!’: The Private Diary of World War II Combat Nurse Beulah Johns.” Special Issue: “Documents in Women’s History.” Women’s History Vol 2, Issue 8, Summer 2017.

“Photos from Hollandia N.G. 1944”: World War II Combat Nurse Beulah Johns’s ‘Everyday’ Scrapbook Testimony of War and Recovery.” Refereed. Abstract from Plenary 4 for “Lives Outside the Line: A Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar.” York University Institutional Repository. 15 May 2017.

“Minds in the Gutter: Psychological Self-Exposure in Graphic Memoir.” Special Issue: “The Comic Studies Multiverse: Graphic Transformations in Education and Culture.” Works and Days Vol 32 (Spring 2015). 277-296.