Tanya HeflinAssociate Professor

Office: 506P Jane E. Leonard Hall
Phone: 724-357-2280
Email: heflin@iup.edu


PhD, University of Southern California, 2009

Research and Teaching Interests

  • American literature and culture (1848-present)
  • Women's literature, feminist theory, and gender studies
  • Autobiography theory, diary, memoir, and life narrative
  • Graphic memoir, outsider art, women's hybrid narrative (comics, scrapbook, collage, quilt)
  • Narrative psychology, the unconscious, psychoanalytic & affect theories, subjectivity
  • Fairy tale, magical realism, myth, the fantastic, and the phantasmagoric
  • Indigenous literature and critical race studies
  • Archival research, manuscript and ephemera archives, digital archives

Courses Taught at IUP

  • ENGL 983: Seminar in American Literature: "Activism in the Americas, 1848-2018"
  • ENGL 983: Seminar in American Literature: "Hidden Voices: Suppressed, Contested, and Recovered Texts in American Literature"
  • ENGL 983: Seminar in American Literature: "Songs of the Self: The Autobiographical Impulse in American Literature"
  • ENGL 956: Literary Theory for the Teacher and Scholarly Writer
  • ENGL 872/772: Topics in Women's Literature: "Mystery and Manners: Fairy Tale, Magic, and the Uncanny in Women's Literature"
  • ENGL 853/753: Literature as a Profession: "Seductive, Deceiving, Dangerous"
  • ENGL 340: The Novel: "Banned Books and Dangerous Fictions"
  • WMST 200: Introduction to Women's Studies: "The Personal is Political"
  • ENGL 101: Composition I: "Writing to Be Read" and "1960s Culture and Counterculture"