Page Layouts for Web Maintainers

  • This online training course is a follow-up to the Fundamentals for Web Maintainers online course, and is intended for web maintainers who have already completed that course or who have equivalent skills.

    Note: You must already be a web maintainer in order to attend this workshop. If unsure, please check the Web Maintainer list. If you are not listed, ask one of your site approvers to submit an ihelp ticket requesting that you be a site author or approver.

    In this D2L course, you’ll learn:

    • How to use PageBuilder to:
      • Adjust content on an existing page layout
      • Add new content to a page layout
      • Create a new page layout
    • How to work with collections
    • How the menu system works

    All training dates are listed on the Digital Team Events page.

    The course modules must be taken in order. Each module has required tasks to complete. After completing the module’s tasks, you will take a short quiz. The Digital Team will review your submissions and quiz and determine if you successfully completed each module.

    Passing each module unlocks the next. After passing the entire course, you can revisit any of the modules for brush-up training at any time. 


    To take the online “Page Layouts for Web Maintainers” course, you must be a web maintainer. If you are not, please contact one of your website approvers and request that you be added as a web maintainer.

    Register for “Page Layouts for Web Maintainers” by filling out our registration form.

    Workshop Materials

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