Page Layouts

IUP website pages are created and modified using Ektron's PageBuilder function. PageBuilder lets you display one or more content blocks within a page layout (the actual web page). The content can come from any folder in the workarea.

Understanding Page Layouts, Content Blocks

Page layouts are the actual web pages of your website.

On a page layout, you can place pieces of content from the CMS such as text, a photo, a collection, a photo gallery, or content that already includes both text and a photo. These parts are the “content blocks” on the page layout.

Page layouts are the frames that hold the page's content (text, images, links, etc.).

Always Link to Page Layouts

Remember that page layouts are the real web pages. They are what appear in menus and search results. When making quicklinks or adding pages to collections, you must link to the page layout—never link to a content block.

Finding Page Layouts

Page Layouts folderYou will see a new set of folders in the CMS workarea. These appear at the top of your department's folder list under the “!Page Layouts” folder. These new folders are mostly identical to the original folders of your website (the original folders are now called “content folders.”)

The Page Layout folders only contain page layouts. Content blocks cannot be created within those folders.

If you cannot locate your page layout, here's a quick trick to find any page.

So, What Should You Edit?

To change text or images that are on a page, edit the content block that holds that text/image.

To add another content block to a page, or to add a collection to the page, edit the page layout to add those items. (Note: The content/collection must exist before it can be added to the page layout.)

Working In a New Folder

Because of how the IUP website menu system works, you must inform the Digital Team whenever the first (main) page in any folder is submitted for the very first time. The menu for that folder needs to be manually activated, otherwise your new page(s) will not appear on the website, even if published.