Marketing Your Department with News and Events

Category Descriptions

How news and events are categorized in IUP Now.

Social Media

IUP maintains presences on several social media and social networking services.

Delete a News Item

Occasionally, you may need to delete a news item.


IUP Now is an electronic publication for IUP employees and students. 

Event Details Box

The Event Details Box is a page element that helps to more effectively promote your events. The box highlights details about the event such as time, location, special subjects, contact information, and more.

Writing an Effective News Post

These simple pointers can help you to communicate your message more quickly and clearly and draw more traffic to your website.

Suggest a News Item

Any IUP employee can suggest a news item for the IUP website, even if you are not an official IUP web maintainer.

Working With the Calendar

Do you have an event happening? Be sure to add events of interest to your unit’s calendar.

Post a News Item

Posting news using the CMS is very similar to making a regular webpage. Here’s how.