Multiday Events

Calendar events that span multiple days can be set to display as multiday or recurring events.

If the event has definite start and end times on all days, then include the start and end times along with the start and end dates under the Event tab. Do not place a checkmark next to “All Day” (see below).

Editing an event's start and end times

If there are no set times for when the event takes place, but it does span two or more days, then enter the university hours for the event (8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) and place a check by “All Day.”

You will then need to use the Recurrence tab.

Recurrence Tab

Please read this section carefully! Failure to understand the Recurrence tab may result in a major error within your site's calendar.

The Recurrence tab is more complicated. You may get the desired result by just using the date choices on the Event tab.

If you choose to use the Recurrence option, click on the Recurrence tab and place a check next to “Recurrence.” This will open the Recurrence options (see below).

Important: Even if you decide not to use the Recurrence Tab options, if you open that tab just to look at it, you have activated the tab and must edit it.

You must first choose an option in the lower section—either to End after a certain number of occurrences, or to end by a certain date. Be sure to ALWAYS move the radio button as well—it will NOT move on its own.

Options on the Recurrence tab

  • Choose if the event recurs daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Choose the Start date.
  • You must specify either that the event will end after a certain number of occurrences, or that it will end on a specific date and time.

Caution: Whenever you use the Recurrence options, make certain that the "End after __ occurrences" or the "End by..." radio buttons are checked. Choosing one of these options will not cause the radio button to move. It must be manually clicked. Failure to check either of these buttons will result in a major error within your site's calendar.

Appearance of a Multiday Event (calendar view only)

(The following only applies to calendars that are set to display in Calendar View. The preferred option is to use List View. Contact the Web Team for help in setting up List View.)

Appearances of a multiday eventDefining a multiday event by the dates on the Event tab will result in a single bar on the calendar which will span all of the days.

If the Event tab only shows a single day, but the Recurrence tab is used, this results in separate bars for each day, each labeled as the event.

Note: If the event tab shows multiple days, and the Recurrence tab is used, this will result in multiple bars spanning multiple event days. Why?

Because you created a multiday event, then told the CMS that the multiday event recurs X number of times. This is probably not what you wanted. Either use the multiday choice on the Event tab, or use a single day on the Event tab and use the Recurrence tab for subsequent appearances of the event.