Working With the Calendar

Calendar events are created and edited from within the CMS workarea. Events are actual content items that go through workflow—they must be approved and published.

The links on this page will show you how to create an event for your site's calendar, update an existing event, and help promote your event.

Where is My Calendar?

Open the CMS workarea, click on the Content tab, and navigate to your main folder (located under “Units” in the left-hand folder list).

Open the Page Layouts folder, and then open the Events subfolder. Within here is another folder, labeled with your department or office's name. The folder icon will have a small calendar superimposed on it.

Location of the calendar in the CMS

Click directly on this folder, and the calendar itself will appear in the right-hand window. Events are added to the calendar right here. 

Create an Event

Add a title, location, time, and description of your event

Update an Existing Event

Edit an already-published event

Event Details Box

Help promote your events 

Display Multiday Events

For calendar events that span multiple days

Delete an Event

Sometimes this needs to be done

What You Will See:

  • The left-right arrows at top left will take you backward and forward by month.
  • The down-arrow to the right of “today” opens a mini-calendar, where you can choose to go to a specific date.
  • You can view the calendar by Day, Week, or Month from the buttons at the top right.
    • Clicking on the date number within the calendar will also bring up the Day view.

Calendar events in the workarea appear in little blue boxes right on the calendar. All of the calendar events can also be seen by scrolling down under the calendar, where you will see a list of content (the events), listed alphabetically.

Tip: To see the newest content, look for the Date Modified column. The title of this column is a link. Click it once to sort by date from oldest. After sorted, click it again to reverse the sort, and the most recently edited content will be at the top of the list.

Important Notes:

  • The Event editing window looks different from the regular web editing window.
  • There is no Check In option. The Save button will submit the event for publishing.
  • To preview an event, Save it first, and then go to your Events page in the staging Web browser and enter Content Preview mode.
  • Do not choose the Cancel button when editing an already published event! This will leave the event in a checked-out state. Always Save the event, even if you made no changes.

The CMS work area calendar can be viewed just like the calendar on your Events page within the Web browser (when that page is looked at in Calendar view, not List view).