Deleting an Event

It's a good idea to leave old events on your site's calendar. This shows visitors what kind of things happened in your area in the past, letting them know about your unit's activities. But if an event is canceled, or if there is another reason, you can delete an old event.

Deleting an eventTo delete an event, first click on it from the list of events so you can see its content. Then click the X on the toolbar at top (right). You will be asked to confirm the deletion by clicking OK.

If this is a recurring event, you will be asked if you want to delete the single event or the series. It's usually best to choose the series.

Delete an event from the CMS calendarYou can also delete it by hovering over the event in the CMS workarea calendar, and clicking on the red X (right). You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Error Notice

If you receive an error message after deleting an event, don't worry—this is a false error. Click on the folder icon in the left window again to see the calendar, then scroll down in the right window to see the event in the listings. Look at its status column. If it has a status of “M”, this means it has been successfully marked for deletion.