Quicklink to Other IUP Web Content

There are two kinds of links in Ektron:

  • Links to webpages within the CMS, known as quicklinks (including files such as PDFs)
  • Links to webpages not on the CMS, known as hyperlinks

Note: Always use text-based links, using good keywords. Never have a bare URL appearing anywhere on your page.

Always use the quicklink process to link to pages on the iup.edu website.

  • Important: Do not choose the alias. Always choose the /WorkArea/ option.
  • All quicklinks must link to the page layout located in the Page Layouts set of folders, not to anything in the Content folders. For more about this, see Page Layouts.

Please do not type nor copy and paste an IUP web address into a link.

Are you pasting a link from another IUP webpage?

You will need to edit the link after pasting it.

Click within the link to show the web address field. A pasted quicklink will have “http://staging.www.iup.edu” at the beginning. This must be removed for the quicklink to work.
All quicklinks must begin with /WorkArea

Adding a Quicklink:

Note: If you cannot figure out where the page you want to link to is located within the CMS folder structure, there is a quick trick for finding any page.

  1. Select the text that will link to the other page. (Here's how to link an image.)
    Always use text-based links, using good keywords. Never have a bare URL appearing anywhere on your page.
  2. Click the Insert tab on the editing toolbar. The insert tab on the editing toolbar
  3. Click the Library icon to open the Library window Library icon (below).
    The library window
  4. Choose the page from the Page Layouts set of foldersMake sure Quicklinks is selected on the drop-down on the toolbar (the default is Images). Click on the !PageLayouts folder on the left side of the screen, and then find the folder that holds the correct page. Once you are in the correct folder, look for the page you want to link to on the right.
  5. Double-click on the title of the page you wish to link to.
    • The “Insert Quicklink” box will always appear. Do not change the default /WorkArea/ selection. Simply click “OK”
      The Insert Quicklink box. Just click "OK"
    • Exception for Files: Files such as PDFs will never have an alias, and so the “Insert Quicklink” box will not appear. The quicklink will simply be made when you double-click on the file.
  6. The library window will close, and the quicklink will be in place.
    • If, when making a quicklink, you are given the option of linking to a manual alias (such as /web/howto/links/quicklinks/), be sure to never choose the alias. Just click OK without making any changes. The correct option looks like this:
      Choosing the alias results in a regular hyperlink, not a quicklink. The only way to successfully make a quicklink is to choose the /WorkArea option.

Please remember, never type nor copy and paste an IUP web address. Always make a quicklink using the library icon library-icon-1.

Linking an Image

  1. Click on the image once to select it, and then open the Inspector. (You could also open the Inspector first, and then click on the image.)
  2. Click the “Add Hyperlink to Image” (or “Edit Hyperlink to Image”) button.
  3. Look for the blank field with “URL” checked above it (the field may already have quicklink code in it, if the image was previously linked). Leave “URL” as the choice, and click the library icon to the right of the field to create (or update) the quicklink as you normally would.
  4. Close the Inspector window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner (NOT the workarea window).