There are two kinds of links in Ektron.

  • Links to webpages within the CMS, known as quicklinks
  • Links to webpages not on the CMS, known as hyperlinks

Note: Always use text-based links, using good keywords. Never have a bare URL appearing anywhere on your page.

Linking to IUP Content?

Be sure to use Quicklinks

Adding a hyperlink (external link)

  • While your content is open for editing, highlight the text or click the image that will become the hyperlink.
  • From the Format or the Insert tab, click the Hyperlink icon (Hyperlink icon) on the toolbar. The toolbar will change to look like this: Enter hyperlink in this field 
  • Enter the complete URL of the website you want to link to right after http:// 
     (Be careful not to include the http:// part twice)
    Important! If you have copied the URL that you want to paste, do not right-click and paste. An Ektron bug will cause this to not work, even though it will appear to be a real link. Instead, either use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac) to paste the copied link, or manually type the link.
  • Your link has now been created. To verify it is correct, click away from the link, then click inside the link once more (place your cursor in the linked text). The link box should appear again with the correct URL.
    • If the URL does not look correct when you do this, break the link (see below) and try again.

Editing an Existing Hyperlink

Place your cursor into the link. The hyperlink box will appear (if it does not appear, click anywhere in the content where there is not a link, then click within the link again). Edit the link.

Removing a Hyperlink

To unlink text, place your cursor into the link. The hyperlink box will appear. Click the broken link icon to the right to remove the link (see below).

removing a link from text 

Note:  If text is highlighted and the Insert Link icon is clicked, the text will appear to be a link, even if no URL has actually been entered. The best practice is to always check every link to make sure it's active and/or created properly (watch out for links that begin with "http://http://").