Email Links

Web Editing Tips

  • Email links must always be manually activated when they are created.
  • Email links must always be fully revealed, such as
  • Important: When editing an existing email address, change both the text and the link.

The process of adding an email link within your web content is very similar to adding a link to an external website.

For the website user, clicking on this link will open a new email message addressed to a specific recipient.

How to Add an Email Link

  1. While in the edit mode, select the text that will become the hyperlink.
  2. Click the Insert Link icon (Insert Link icon) on the toolbar. The link toolbar will appear (see below). Link toolbar
  3. Change "http://" to "mailto:" (without the quote marks, but with the colon—see below). Link toolbar with e-mail protocol
  4. Type or paste the email address directly after mailto: Do not leave a space between the two.
    Important! If you have copied the email address that you want to paste, do not right-click and paste. An Ektron bug will cause this to not work, even though it will appear to be a real link. Instead, either use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac) to paste the copied address, or manually type the address.
  5. Click away from the toolbar, and the email link will now be in place.