How to Get Help

  • If you can’t find the information you need in the How To ... section, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the IUP Digital Team via ihelp or (email requests may be transferred to ihelp).

    You can also access Ektron’s full user manual, along with other documentation, online by clicking the Help tab at the top of the CMS Workarea (see below). 

    Ektron's help tab

  • Social Media Beginner’s Guide
    Determine if your department needs to use social media, what networks to use, and why.
    Get Help
    Get help through the Digital Team or Ektron’s online user manual. 
    Working With the Calendar
    Do you have an event happening? Be sure to add events of interest to your unit’s calendar.
    Basic Editing
    How to get started working on your website: logging in, finding and adding content, how to use summaries, and more
    Advanced Editing
    How to add and edit content, plus: PDFs and other files, collections, menus, metadata options, and more
    How to size images, upload them to the server, and add them to your site
    How to add links to other IUP web content, external websites, files, email, etc.
    Everything web maintainers need to know about website menus
    Get Content Published
    How to preview and approve submitted Web content, and how workflow works.
    Uploading PDFs and Other Files
    You can upload PDFs as well as Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office files into the content management system.