Did you make pages within a new folder?

Let the Digital Team know!

Breadcrumbs, which appear near the top of a webpage, provide a trail that the user can follow back to a website's entry point. Breadcrumbs provide links back to each page the user navigated to get to the current page.

In Ektron's CMS, breadcrumbs are set at the folder level, so they only need to be set for the main content block in the folder, and breadcrumbs will automatically be set for the rest of that folder's content.

For most websites, breadcrumbs will already be set within the folders. However, any time you create a new folder, its breadcrumbs will need to be updated.

The best practice is to let the Digital Team know that new breadcrumbs are needed. Just send an e-mail to with the new folder location, and we'll take care of the rest.


If you do not have the option to create new folders in the CMS editor, just ask the Digital Team—we can take care of this for you very quickly. Be sure to let the Digital Team know when new folders are created so that the breadcrumbs can be updated.