Appendix: Ideas for Website Content

Looking for content ideas? Look no further.

Here are some ideas for information that you may wish to provide about your department or program. You do not need to provide everything here. Pick and choose those items that make the most sense for your particular situation. (This would be a good time to look back at your goals for your website.)

Also keep in mind that posting content on your website involves a commitment to keeping that material up to date. The more you post, the more time you'll need to set aside on a regular basis to keep that content fresh.

Lesson Plans

If your department includes a teacher education program, or if teachers make up a part of your graduate student population, post lesson plans for primary and/or secondary school teachers. These lesson plans could be developed by faculty or by IUP students. Develop an audience of teachers, then encourage them to further their education in your department.

Alumni Profiles

Post profiles or updates from alumni. What are they doing now? How has their IUP education helped them?

Student Profiles

Post profiles of current students. What opportunities have they had? What do they think is great about your department?

Major Checklists

Most departments have developed checklists to guide students through their programs. Post them on the web so your students always know where to find them (and potential students can see how helpful you are).

Recent Internships

Where do your students get internships? What was the experience like? What did they learn?

Summaries of Faculty Research

Give visitors more than just titles. What are your faculty researching? Why is it important? What have they learned?

Course Schedule and Rotation

How often are courses offered? Can students expect to be able to graduate in four years?

Photo Galleries

Use the gallery tool to create photo galleries of events, conferences, trips, or research. Show potential students what life is like in your department.

Contact Us Form

Ask the Web Team to create a form that allows visitors to contact you and ask for more information.

Study Guides for Licensing Exams, Praxis Tests, Etc.

Provide materials to help your students succeed. And show potential students how hard you work to help your students succeed.

List of Faculty by Expertise

A central, master list of faculty is important, but nothing says you can't create additional lists by expertise. Useful, and highlights the breadth of your department.

Sample Theses and Dissertations

You would need to get the permission of the authors, of course, but what better way to show the quality of work produced by your students. (Alternative approach: Wait until the theses and dissertations are published as articles or books, then link to them.)

Presentations by Faculty: Video, Audio, and/or Slides

Let the world see what your faculty can do: Post narrated slide decks or videos of talks and lectures.

Articles by Faculty Members Useful to People in Their Field

Make your expertise available to practitioners in your field. Give them a reason to visit your site, and they'll keep you in mind when they are looking to further their education.

Event Pages

Does your department hold an annual conference or other type of event? Don't just post it on your calendar; create a page devoted to the event, sometimes called a hub page. Link to this hub from all your news posts and calendar entries.

News and Events

Don't forget the basics. Posting achievements, events, and developments showcases the depth and activity of your department.