Previewing Content in a Page Layout

What you see when editing a page layout is pretty much what the page will look like when published. This means that previewing a page is mostly automatic.

However, if the content on a page has been edited but not yet published, the changes will not be visible. Or, if the content is brand-new (never before published) and not yet approved, it won't show up at all. To see the content as if it were already published, you need to enable Content Preview Mode.

How it Works

This feature is available on any page or news item (events and calendars will not have this feature). Simply click the “Enter Content Preview Mode” button, located on the right side of the content area above the red buttons, to enable. The screenshots below highlight the button location.

Content Preview Button

The Content Preview Mode button is found in the top right of the page. When in responsive mode, this button will be found above the menu.

Once enabled, you'll be able to see your changes or new content, but you won't be able to make changes to it, as the access to content edit and properties is turned off. Simply click the “Exit Content Preview Mode” to access those options.

Content Preview exit button

You'll also see that the page style changes to indicate that you are in Content Preview Mode.

When you are done previewing your content, click the “Exit Content Preview Mode” button. Note that the page also reloads during this process, so it may take a moment for your page to reappear.


Content Preview Mode and the page layout Design Edit mode are independent of each other. You can have the page layout open for editing (to place content widgets or change the layout) and simultaneously preview your content. However, it is advisable to check in your page layout changes frequently, so as not to lose them.

As noted above, when Content Preview Mode is enabled, you can not access the content edit or properties options. To make changes to content from the page, simply exit Content Preview Mode to restore those options. You can make changes to your page layout while in Content Preview Mode as it does not affect the page layout Design mode.

Note: Remember that changes to content and page layouts will only go live once they are processed through workflow. You still need to submit both the page layout and content blocks to put them through workflow.

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