Inspector: Applying Styles and Formatting Images

Inspector styles on the formatting toolbarThe Inspector is most often used to add alternative (alt) text to images. This is the pop-up text that appears when an image is moused over, and is used by people with visual impairment who may be using a screen reader to describe the image to them. The Inspector also allows you to apply styles to paragraphs.

Most of the Inspector's functions (such as Introduction style and image aligning) are now included on the main tab of the formatting toolbar (see image above right).

Inspector icon in the formatting toolbarThe full Inspector is available from the Review tab of the formatting toolbar. The Inspector is opened by clicking the far-left icon on the Review tab of the formatting toolbar.

Introduction Style

Introduction button on formatting tooolbarTo apply the Introduction style, place your cursor anywhere within the first paragraph, then either choose the style from the editing toolbar (see image at right), or open the Inspector (below).

Inspector style optionsIf using the full Inspector, click on the appropriate style to apply it to the selected text (see image at right). The type of element being edited is shown by the tag in the white box at the top right. “P” is for paragraphs. “IMG” is for photos and other images.

Styles cannot be applied to portions of paragraphs, only to entire blocks of text.

Note: The Inspector menu can be opened before or after selecting the text or image.

Aligning an Image

After placing an image, it can be aligned in two ways:

  1. (Preferred method)
    Click on the image, then open the Inspector from the Review tab on the formatting toolbar.
    1. Align options and the Alternative Text field within the InspectorChoose left- or right-aligned image.
    2. Edit the Alternative Text, if needed (see image at right). The alt text should describe what you see (“Healthcare--picture of Indiana Hospital”). This is required for accessibility reasons—the description will be read aloud by computer screen readers for people with vision impairment.

  2. Click on the image once to select it, then choose left- or right-aligned image from the Format tab on the formatting toolbar (see image below). Note: The image's alt text will probably need to be edited, which can only be done through the full Inspector (see 1.b. above).

Image Align options from the formatting toolbarAlthough there is an option to artificially adjust the image's size, this should be avoided as the image can become pixelated or fuzzy. Remember that all images must be resized before uploading into Ektron, not from within Ektron. For similar reasons, please do not use the “Edit Image” option, either.

Changing the Image

To change the image from within the Inspector, click the image so that it is selected. In the Inspector window, click the blue Library icon, located to the right of the “Image Source” field. Choose the appropriate image from the library window. (As always, only double-click the image filename or the image itself. Do not double-click on the little yellow box.)

The Inspector also shows what styles are being used in the content. When the Inspector menu is open, placing the cursor within any text will show what styles are applied, plus what other styles are available.