Personnel Form

The Personnel smartform can be used to present contact and additional information for a single person, multiple people (a group), or multiple groups. Each person's information is presented in a card format.

In addition to standard contact information, there are options to include a link to a homepage or a bookmark on the personnel page, an image, and an extra information open text area. You can also use the Personnel smartform to put formatted contact info in another page.

Personnel menu iconThe paper icon next to “Person” at the top of each section will display a menu for moving, adding, or removing a section.

More Personnel How-to's

Extra Info

The Extra Info section is an open text area where you can provide a brief bio, additional information, areas of focus, job duties, and more. You can apply formatting like bold and italics; use links and lists; and a heading style is provided (just apply H2). Images are not used in this area.

This information is collapsed initially and can be viewed by clicking on the “+” expander to open it fully.

Additional Titles

You can add additional titles (optional) using the Additional Titles section. The smartform is coded with special markup to help search engines better understand the content in the page. Basically, each field is marked as the kind of content it is (name, title, address) and that they are related to each other (John Smith's title, address). This field alleviates the problem of putting titles in the address field. Now, all titles can be coded as such.

All examples in this page are using the Personnel smartform. You can resize your browser to see the examples in action.


The smartform will support responsive and non-responsive images, although responsive images are preferred. You must note if the image you are using for each person is responsive or not.

See the Personnel Images How-to for details on how to place an image in the smartform.

Tip: All images do not have to be updated to responsive at the same time; you can update one or more at a time. Be sure to update the Image Size/Use at the same time.

Image sizes:

  • Responsive: 737px wide x approximately 1,000px tall
  • Non-responsive: anything less than 737px wide (old format images are approximately 100px and are considered non-responsive)

Below are examples of a responsive and non-responsive image in the smartform.

Images are Optional

If there is no image for an individual, just choose No Image in the Image Size/Use section.

Below are examples of cards with no image, with and without extra content.

Full Width Option

Enabling the option to make “all personnel items in this group full width” will force each person's card to appear full width in all views, as shown in the example below.

This option should only be used when:

  • Every card is using a responsive image
  • There are a small number of cards on a page (otherwise the page will be too long)
  • And/or you want the Extra Info section to always be visible

Bookmark Link to Individual Card

Each card automatically generates an anchor that you can link to from any web page. If your office does not make individual pages for each person, but you'd still like to share a direct link to contact information, Bookmark links will help.

To get the link:

  • View the “Personnel” or “Faculty and Staff” page in the web browser.
  • Click on the person's name.
  • In the address bar, you'll see that the page url now has “#TheirName” at the end of it.
  • Copy that address, and use it to link to their card on the personnel page.

Note that if a Homepage is entered for an individual on the smartform, clicking on the person's name will take you to that page. The bookmark option is in lieu of a separate page link. If the person does have an actual web page, please make a quicklink to that page instead (don't copy and paste the url).