Working with the IUP Templates

This guide describes the templates available for IUP webpages and outlines the differences between working with pages using other Web tools and working with content blocks in Ektron.

Specific topics it will cover are as follows:

Pages vs. Content Blocks

Creating a web page in Ektron is very different from creating a page in FrontPage or other commonly used web tools.

In FrontPage, the basic unit you work with is a single web page. For each page, you are responsible for creating the basic look, menus, header, footer, etc.

When working with a content management system (CMS) such as Ektron, you don't work with pages—you work with content blocks. A content block is generally a piece of text, perhaps with some associated graphics.

Once you create a content block, you assign it to a template. The template takes care of providing the basic look, menus, header, footer, etc. In other words, the template basically creates the page, leaving you free to concentrate on your content.

For directions on how to create a content block, see How to Add Content.

Content Block Descriptions

Different templates display different kinds of content blocks. The following list describes all the blocks available to you. Blocks marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

To better understand how these pieces fit into a template, see the illustrations within the template descriptions.

The title of your page appears in the browser title bar, in Google searches, and in bookmarks. You can set it in the Ektron Workarea.

The headline, displayed at the top of the page content, is set on the Metadata tab in the Ektron Workarea. If you don't specify a headline, the page title will appear here.

Main Content*
Main Content means, as the name suggests, the main content for the page. This is set on the Content tab of the Ektron Workarea and can also be accessed using the browser.

Image or Carousel
Each page can have a main image or a carousel slideshow. You can choose to display the image or carousel on the Metadata tab in the Ektron Workarea. See How to Work with Images.

Local Menu*
For each folder of content in the Ektron Workarea, you should create a menu, so that site users can easily navigate your content. See How to Work With Menus.

Highlights is a collection of pages that you can choose to ... highlight. A highlights content block has been created in every site's main folder. To add or delete pages from the Highlights collection, from the Workarea, go to View —> Collections, then click on the “Highlights” collection. To change the summary of each link, edit the content on the Summary tab for that content block. Highlights are set to display on your page through the metadata. See How to Work with Collections.

News and Events
News and Events displays the latest five headlines from your News section, along with upcoming events. This box is set to display through the metadata. See Working with News and Events.

Learn More
Learn More displays a collection of links, with a “Learn More” box around it. To create a Learn More box, fill out a Learn More Smart Form in the Workarea, then choose it on the Metadata tab. See How to Work with Learn More Blocks.

This is the address for your unit. Choose the address block you want on the Metadata tab. For some units, automatically updated address blocks may be available. See How to Work with Addresses.

Office Hours
The office hours for your unit are also displayed. Change them by editing the office hours Smart Form for your unit in the Ektron Workarea. Choose the office hours you want on the Metadata tab. See How to Work with Office Hours.

Breadcrumbs provide navigation back up to higher levels of your site. For folders you create, you need to contact the Digital Team to set the breadcrumbs for you. See How to Set Breadcrumbs.

Main Navigation
The Main Navigation is the main menu. It links to the six main areas of and to the IUP home page. This menu is set by the Digital Team.

Utility Navigation
This bar near the top of the screen links to useful IUP tools. It is set by the Digital Team.

Site-Wide Footer
The site-wide footer appears on the bottom of every page on It is set by the Digital Team.

Working with Content Blocks

The types of content blocks available to you may seem overwhelming, but you will be working only with some of them.

Some of the content blocks you need for your pages, such as the address and office hours, have already been created for you. They are housed in your site's folder system. You can change most content blocks by navigating to them in the browser or Ektron Workarea and opening them for editing.

If you need to add a content block, see How to Add Content Using the Workarea.

But, in addition to creating content, in some cases you will need to make it display on your page using the metadata.

First, navigate to the main content for your page. Go into edit mode and go to the Metadata tab. Locate the content blocks you want to appear on the page and select Edit or Clear as necessary. Instructions for working with each type of content block can be found in this section. If you need assistance, contact the Digital Team.

Working with Templates

You will be working with three main templates: home.aspx, page.aspx, and toc.aspx. See the descriptions and, in some cases, graphics, below.


The home.aspx template is used for the home page of a department, college, office, division, or other unit. The two-column display lets you provide lots of links to content deeper in the site.



The page.aspx template is the workhorse of your website; most of the pages on your site will use it. The text appears in a single column that flows around the optional “Learn More” block.



Toc stands for Table of Contents. This two-column template displays a bit of text, then an alphabetical list of all html content located within the same CMS folder.

Setting the Template

All pages within a folder will default to the same template, which was assigned when the folder was created. The template for any page, however, can still be changed by editing the page. (Do this either through the browser or the Ektron Workarea.) Open up the content item for editing and go to the Templates tab (far right). In the Templates Selection field, you can choose which template you want to use. As with any content changes, a change in the template will need to be submitted into the workflow for publishing. If you have any concerns about changing templates, or which template would be best for what you want, contact the Digital Team.